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Understanding our times increasingly depends on the preservation of our financial records. Authentic and reliable memory systems are needed to understand current crises and to evaluate risks. Reliable memory systems can only be created through knowing and understanding how corporations manage their archives in practice and what the organisational system for doing so is.

EABH believes that safeguarding the records of our financial institutions (FIs) will improve the protection of global financial stability. For that reason a project on archival legislation for finance (ALFF) began in 2012 with the objective to collect information about the best practices of financial institutions in building and improving their archives. For this reason we have developed a survey to collect data about the current framework of European FIs´ archival systems. Initially the survey will be circulated amongst European FIs. Please participate in our Opens external link in new windowSURVEY!

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The project Archival Legislation for Finance (ALFF) in Europe was initiated in 2012 with the aim to identify and document the archival and records management regulations for financial institutions in Europe, their legal framework and their implementation(s). Thus, we hope to gain understanding of the legal structures, the periods and processes for archives and records management and hope to suggest best practice for financial institutions in building or improving their own archives and/or record management systems. In the long run, we hope to qualify the most practical legal frameworks for archival and records management in order to structure a proposal for harmonised European standards.